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Monteverde, be as relaxed or as adventurous as you like

Sunset From El Establo Mountain Hotel Photo Credit Elestablomonteverde. 1024x536
Sunset from El Establo Mountain hotel, photo credit elestablomonteverde.

Letting yourself go from a very high platform overlooking the cloud forest and zipping through the air while the wind hits your face and you enjoy the scenery.  Sitting on a balcony surrounded by lush nature, listening to the birds chirping while butterflies flutter by.  Which scenario appeals to you most as a traveler? Are you an adrenaline junkie who needs adventure every day, or do you prefer some quiet time to read and relax during your holidays? One or the other or a mix of both, good news is that Monteverde has something for everyone.

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Monteverde Coffee: Costa Rica’s “Golden Grain” in the cloud forest

Coffee Plantations In The Cloud Forest Photo Credit Laurensouch  1024x768
Coffee plantations in the cloud forest, photo credit laurensouch.

Monteverde, located in Northwest Costa Rica, on the Tilaran mountain range, is famous worldwide because of its lush cloud forests and tropical biodiversity.  Something else is putting it on the map these days, its coffee.  The fertile lands in the areas surrounding Monteverde, like Santa Elena and the San Luis Valley are growing the delicious bean.  You can learn about the process during coffee tours in the area, and sample a delicious cup while exploring its quaint coffee shops.

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5 Exotic plants to look for in Monteverde Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest Elefanttravel 1024x1017

Cloud Forest view, hanging bridge, photo credit elefanttravel.

Travel takes many forms.  Some people travel to Monteverde to birdwatch, to see other wildlife, to have adventurous tours, others might search for plants and flowers they don’t get to see at home.  Whatever your expectations are, or if you have none, admiring and taking in these beautiful living organisms will add another level of appreciation to your Costa Rican journey.

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Five Reasons why Monteverde Costa Rica should be on your Bucket List

Elestablo Atardecer 1024x674
Sunset from El Establo Mountain Hotel, Monteverde Costa Rica

What makes Monteverde such a special place and a must on the list of tourists who come to Costa Rica? Monteverde is in the Tilaran montain range, about a four-hour drive from the Central Valley.  The cloud forest covers about 180 square miles and it was named one of the seven wonders of Costa Rica.  These are only a few reasons why a trip up this gorgeous mountain range is a must on your next visit.

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