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During the Korean War (early 1950’s), a group of 40 Quakers decide to leave their native USA, running away from the punishment they had to endure by not sending their sons to war.

That’s why they decided to look for new opportunities in life, in a country that offered the tranquility they were looking for. After a brief look, they decided to come to Costa Rica (who abolished the army in 1948). Looking around for an area to settle, they came past the Aranjuéz River where they were offered land up on the hills, just some inconveniences, no running water and no electricity, just nature.

After an 8 hour horseback and oxcart ride up from the Pan-American highway, the 12 Quaker families could admire that would be “their new home… Monteverde”.

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Latitude: N10° 18.7836 Length: W84° 48.9587